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Most Popular Uses for Stone Uprights
By Mark Etinger

Stone Uprights are used in more ways than we can imagine. We don't often think about them yet we come upon them quite frequently in our day to day lives. They are finely crafted things of beauty, used to commemorate, to announce and to honor. There are quite a few popular ways that Stone Uprights are used.

One of the most common uses for cast Stone Uprights is as name plates. You'll often see this in doctor or lawyer offices. Stone Uprights are engraved with the name and title of a person at the office and place on the desk or even hung up outside the door to let visitors know who it is they are speaking to and how to find them. They are also used in larger building complexes that house multiple businesses so that visitors can be easily guided to where they need to go.

Donor Uprights are another popular option. Many places and organizations could not be possible without the help of giving donors who aid in funding a project or building a new wing of a building, or whatever it may be that they choose to give to. They commemorate those who have given on their own accord. Donor walls are often set up in an office, organization, or school building so that others can see the mark these people have left.

Stone Uprights are used to honor more than just donors, but often service men and women as well. While medals to wear on their uniform are always given, at times special Upright can be made to commemorate them. Small Stone plating is also used on graves of military men and women who have died in the line of duty, to show that they were in the service and gave their lives.

You also see Stone Uprights used in places like museums for informational purposes. Not only do they work well with the aesthetics but they are also resilient in the face of tons of visitors who may touch them. They also stand the test of time and won't wear off the way some other signs may. This is important for museums who have long standing pieces that will be displayed for years.

You may not realize it when you look at them, but Stone Upright are everywhere. They guide us to offices, tell us whose desk it is, honor men and women and gives us information. They do so beautifully and timelessly.


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