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How to Choose a Perfect Monument For Your Loved One
By Stella Rossa

The main feature, and typically the most expensive part of a funeral is the cemetery headstone. Apart from the casket, the headstone is the one item you probably spend the most time deliberately on. They are relatively expensive, but often the best way you can build a monument for your loved one.

Since the tombstones will need to be durable enough to survive the elements, they need to be made from good quality materials. They are an investment, as they should be there for hundreds of years after your loved one has passed. It will be the main focal point for you when you visit the grave site, and can be customized with a personal message to honor the deceased.

Before choosing the tombstone that you want, it is important that you check the cemetery regulations to make sure they do not have any rules preventing your plans. Some are very specific and will only allow stone or metal plaques on the graves, especially if they are aiming for a certain look for their grounds. Some cemeteries will only want a particular type of tombstone if they are looking for a uniform cemetery.

The majority of headstones are made from granite or a heavy marble as these are the most durable. With a heavy granite stone you know that it will be able to handle extreme weather conditions. They are also great because they come in many different shapes and sizes and can be tailored to your needs.

If you are strapped for cash during the planning process there are many online stores who sell tombstones, which may work out to be of great value. You may also be surprised about the many different funeral homes and monument stores that are local to your area, so is always beneficial for you to do some research and get some quotes. Searching on the internet may also give you some ideas on the type of monument you want to choose to honor your loved one.

When choosing the words to put on the front of the tombstone, it is important you choose something that is meaningful to you and the deceased. Most will have the name, date of birth, and date of death on them. You can then choose to add a few meaningful words, a poem or even a picture. Tombstones these day s are completely customizable. As you can see, you have many different options to ensure that not only is it easy for you to get the perfect headstone, but that you have complete control of the tribute you want to leave.


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