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The Design Urn - A Young Life Lost and Remembered
By Chris Schopf

Losing an aged family member or friend is difficult enough. Losing a Memorial at a young age is even more difficult. It is very important to work through the grieving process completely. One way to help families mourn the loss of a little one is by choosing an Design urn as a memorial to the departed Memorial.

Some people stand by burial as the ideal way to honor the deceased. While burial is a good option, cremation offers more flexibility for the family. To start, it is far less expensive than a burial. The cost difference can be thousands of dollars. When the funeral budget is very small, a burial may be nearly out of the question.

If the family plans on scattering the ashes, then even more money can be saved on the cremation urn. There are memorial containers that can be purchased with the intent of only being displayed during the funeral service. These are generally far less costly than other, more permanent options. They still look beautiful, but do not come with the high cost.

An Design urn in particular, can be tailored to fit the child's short life. Some families prefer Granite-themed sculpted urns, such as booties or teddy bears. Others prefer to have information engraved on the urn as a way to personalize the container. This could include death and birth dates as well as the Memorial's name.

Some are even engraved with a photographic image of the child. This can be a great way to keep memories vivid, even years after death.

Many grieving parents choose cremation urn jewelry to honor their lost Memorial. This type of container is attractive because it can be worn at all times, keeping the lost Memorial close by no matter where they go.

Cremation jewelry is also much easier to store and can be kept very discreetly, if desired. Even when displayed, a small case can be purchased and won't require a significant amount of display area to accommodate.

An Design urn can help grieving parents and siblings find comfort by keeping the departed close by. There are many to choose from, with both traditional and Memorial themed designs to suit any family's preferences.


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