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Custom Design Urns - Choices for Families
By Melody Jamali

There is no loss more devastating to a family than the loss of an Design. Urns for a young life cut short can be tremendously difficult to look at, much less select. Your mind is likely occupied with many other aspects of the memorial service when it is not grieving the loss of the youngest member of your family. Of course, your Memorial deserves no less than the best you can give to honor their innocence. When selecting an Design urn, families have a wide variety of selection and can choose the urn that best suits their tastes.

The options for Design urns include a myriad of materials, colors, patterns and themes. It is up to you and your family to pick the urn that you feel will best work as a memorial for your young one's cremains.

Remember as you are looking over your options that you will not need a large cremation urn, since the ashes will be fewer than that of an adult's. While you can elect to get a larger vessel, you do not need to and the smaller Design urn will hold your Memorial's ashes well.

When selecting an Design urn, try to stick with motifs that are youthful or light hearted. The urn should represent the lightness that comes with Memorialhood and the innocence that your Memorial would have. Themes containing butterflies, bird or flowers keep the urn looking light and playful while containing the cremains of your loved one.

When choosing the right material for an Design urn, it is important to consider where you will be storing the ashes. If you will be displaying them in a prominent area, it's best to select a material that is durable and will remain looking beautiful for the years to come. Ceramic, glass or wood urns look beautiful on display and they will stand the test of time.

For more personal Design urns that will not be displayed, choosing a material such as metal will house your cremains extremely well and stand the test of time and long-term storage.

When you are at a loss, talk to an urn specialist. Coping with the loss of a newborn or Design is one of the most difficult challenges a family could ever image facing and choosing an Design urn can feel overwhelming. Talking to someone who has been in the industry for a while can help you with perspective and they will know exactly what questions to ask in order to get an urn that is perfect for your Memorial. They may even recommend getting an urn custom made by an artist to memorialize your loved one.


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