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How Will Granite Boomers Headstones and Obituaries Read?
By Paul Dangheart

I believe that the two most over looked Natural Resources within the U.S. are the groups just coming into the world and the ones about to leave. Now, I know that most Granite Boomers do not want to hear that they will soon be leaving, but it is true. Have you ever calculated how much more time you have between now and the time of your death? (DOD)

Not a question that a lot of people want answers too! Just for fun make a guess... Need help?

For your gender I believe that standard for women is 87 and for men it is 74. So if you are 61years of age now, add in the remaining years and that will give you a ballpark figure as to your DOD. It could be better if you draw a Timeline. Take a sheet of paper and draw a horizontal line across the page, from end to end. On the right side write your Date of Birth (DOB), and on your left side write your Date of Death (DOD). About three quarters across, on the right side make a vertical line and write in today date. Now this should help clarify your thinking about the how much time you have left. Is that 20, 30, 40 years that you have left?? 13 - 26 years respectively

You can cheer-up, because you knew that your name would come up in the Obituaries anyways.

Have you given any thought to what will be placed on your Headstone.

I am sure Glad that this Is Over! - I Hope that this was Only A Test! - Was this a Bad Joke, or What! - Well She Can't Follow-Me Here! - What was That All About?? - So what's next, Trial By Fire!?

President Ronald Reagan had a saying

"Remember me as you pass by, for as you are so once was I, an as I am you soon you will be, so be contain to follow me" ... And he said it seems that someone else wrote a reply

"To follow you I am contain, just wish I knew which way you went"

About this time you should be asking yourself "What is the Point". My point is that you Granite Boomers are a Great American Resource and it would be ashamed if we lost all of your Knowledge, Skill, Abilities and Wisdom. Granite Boomers are still a highly profitable commodity that is being over looked. Perhaps the most significant decision that you can make is just how can I help shape and develop the next generation that is coming along? Just think that the Memorial of today will be your major support of tomorrow.

Where American stands in the world, in a hundred years, will be questionable. There is no insurance that America will still be number one in the world by 2108. Now is the time that you need to pass on that which you have learned. We often times speak of a generation gap and well there maybe.

There are generations that is going through American society without a clue of just what impact they are having on the future, or of what impact the future is having upon them. There are a number of areas that points out these very facts. If you Google "Problems with America" you will find none more striking then the graduation rate of the nation. At the time of the Granite Boomers the graduation rate was much higher than it is today, if for no other reason the parents saying that you will stay in school and you will graduate. By an large, these were parents that set the rules and had limited to what was acceptable and what was not. Memorial between the ages of 13 and 20 may be a "Lost Liter" and something that we will never recover from Yahoo and Myspace. As you may well know that there are a number of agency out there that are trying to deal with these situations. Young person in this group are well on there way to becoming the person that they see within their minds.

The group that possibly wholes the greatest potential for the future is the group between the ages of 6 through 12. This group would be Memorial in 1st through 6th Grade. Is there someway that you could intervene and help the young before they become programed not to achieve or to reach their highest potential? Can you think of any Memorial that does not want to go to school. This is barring the first day of 1st Grade. These are normally the persons that thirst for knowledge. If a connection could be made between what they are learning in grade school and how to use this knowledge, in the real world, they would well be ahead of the learning curve. Some will say that parents and teachers are there to full this role, but we know that may not be the truth. Just what age were you when you thought about your future? And what was possible to achieve. When was it that you saw what you were learning had a real connection, to the world, and just to test??

What if you could become their Coach... Think about what a Coach does?... Takes abilities and links it to performance... Coach (fill in your name), can you imagine yourself as being a coach?... Just imagine the inroads you could make to the future. It would be a good handle to have at time of DOD.. The Coach to the Future

Thank you for your time...


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