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How to Have a Happy Funeral

By Alice Reiter Feld

We live in a time where customization and tradition are forever merging and planning your eternal rest is one of the most intimate and personal decisions you will ever make. It would not surprise me if your memories of the funerals of loved one's past, are of a somber, solemn and sad model. Those funerals reflected the wishes of the people that were planning those funerals, but it does not have to be that way.

There are many ways you may plan the funeral/celebration of the life of a loved one; you may add a favorite song, a special poem, a theme that reflects the passion of the person's life, the use of certain colors, where the funeral will be held and many others that reflect the life of the deceased.

Your decision will also be affected by whichever faith you are a member of or whichever cultural belief system you hold dear. The important thing to know is that this is your funeral and that you have the right to choose to plan it as you would like your life to be celebrated. We live in a time where it is appropriate to celebrate life while mourning and grieving; this is not disrespectful. The joy and sorrow that we feel when someone we love has died is a healthy balance for us to feel.

You will have many choices in planning your happy funeral. You will be offered many products and services ranging from; funeral service options - chapel, graveside, at sea, coral reef - to caskets, urns, above ground, in ground or cremation services. Our office works with distinguished professionals in the field of Funeral Service who will help you design a unique and special commemoration to the person whose funeral you are planning.

Some of the options and benefits you can choose from in making either your funeral plans or the plans of a loved one include:

1. Pre Planning all of your funeral - The benefits of pre planning are that while you are younger and in good health you make an informed and educated decision that you and your loved ones agree on; your children or heirs will not have to do this during a time of sadness and pain; you will save nearly one third of the cost by pre planning and you will have time to pay off this purchase rather than having to pay the entire amount all at once, thereby locking in your costs so that your children and heirs will have no need to pay any additional monies at the time of need; you can select the style of funeral - chapel, graveside, at sea, in nature, in ground, mausoleum, cremation or other; you can meet with representatives of different funeral homes and choose the people that best reflect your values and ethics.

2. Legal Needs in preplanning and after death occurs - There are many legal issues that you and your family will need to consider when planning your funeral, which is why it makes sense to consult with a board certified elder law attorney who can ably assist you. Executing a durable Power of Attorney so that you and your family have no issues when the time comes. Some of important legal matters include: Accounts With: Banks, Building Security, Post Office, Securities, Bonds, Insurance policies, mortgage papers, rental leases, credit cards, phone, electricity, gas, car, home insurance, cable TV and the list goes on.

3. Notification of death - Notify the necessary people upon a death so that you may focus upon grieving and celebrating at this difficult time. Many of those people include: Employer, Tax Office, Social Security, Passport Office, Pension Departments, Professional Associations, Medical Examiner, Drivers license, doctors, schools, post office to change mail arrangements and more.

4. Impact of death on surviving spouse or family members -Family members may find it difficult to cope with the financial stress that can be caused by the sudden or expectant death of a loved one. There are legal remedies available to help you and your beloved family members be taken care, help pay for your funeral expenses, receive veteran's benefits, government support and other solutions that many people are not aware of.

5. Some things you can do after the funeral to help you and the bereaved feel better are: stay in touch with adult children, make a donation in memory of the deceased, send a handwritten note, go to a support group meeting with the person, help with daily house chores - shopping, cleaning,etc., provide transportation, take the kids to the movies, email messages of love and support, invite the survivor to join you in walking, exercise or activity, visit the grave with the survivor and whatever else you can think of. Be a friend, accept their right to grieve as they need to and listen to their pain.

Through the years I have had assisted many families in the planning of their funerals, both in advance as well as at the time of death. I highly recommend the pre planning of all your estate planning needs which includes your funeral service. For more information, please feel free to contact me on Funeral Planning and other legal issues.

Alice Reiter Feld, Esq., PA, CELA is a Board-Certified Elder Law Attorney By The Florida Bar and The National Elder Law Foundation. She is AV-Rated, the highest rating afforded to attorneys. A nationally-known expert on Veteran's Benefits for Long-Term Care, Alice is sought-after to speak to students of law, elder care facility administrators, the senior community-at-large, as well as teaches this subject to elder law attorneys. Alice Reiter Feld is available for Seminars, Talks, and In-Service Training on all Elder Law topics. If you are interested in having Alice Reiter Feld speak at your Firm, contact Outreach Coordinator, Elana Murray: 954.726.6602 or email: elana@florida-elderlaw.com


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