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Funeral Plans - The Biggest Decision We Don't Want to Make

By David M Donovan

There are very few of us who are truly prepared for the loss of a loved one. Even if the passing is expected, the loss of someone who has been a part of your life is the loss of a presence, of a comfort, of what we know and knew.

With approximately 50,000,000 people dying each year, we all will eventually feel the loss of a loved one. Yet despite this fact, a fact we inherently know, few of us are prepared when it happens and the process of putting together last minute funeral plans only adds to the stressful emotions.

One decision that many families today are considering and choosing is cremation. Yet cremation has not always been a popular choice. For thousands of years, cremation was a distant second to ground burials and in some societies, it was even outlawed. But history correcting itself and combined with modern day high cost for ground burials, it's quickly becoming a widely accepted choice for many families. In fact, recent data indicates that more than 30% of Americans who are making funeral plans are now choosing cremation, and that number is on the rise.

There are many options for the final resting place of a loved one's ashes and along with those options comes some necessities that aren't always considered in advance. If scattering ashes is chosen, below are the top choices and suggestions:

Ground Burials: Ground burials are still a major consideration for cremated ashes. It provides a singular resting place that can be visited again and again. There are many types of cremation urns, including biodegradable ones that are perfect for this choice.
Sea or fresh water: A calm and peaceful resting place, and one that's not too expensive to arrange. There are biodegradable urns that are ideal for memorials at sea. They are made to lay on top of water for a short periods and then gracefully sink to the sea or ocean floor where it will break down over time.
High in the Sky: Planes are an expensive way to scatter ashes but there are many who desire to spread their loved one's ashes among the sky and clouds. Scattering tubes are typically used to transport the ashes into the plane. They are cylinder shaped, come in all types of designs and easy to hold for dispersal of the ashes.
Low in the Sky: Helicopters are not as expensive as planes but still can exceed many budgets. They're ideal to scatter ashes from the air or take you to a special place. Scattering tubes are an ideal way to transport the ashes.
Mountains: The mountains are a wonderful place to spread ashes. The cost is minimal and its natural way to say goodbye. There are biodegradable urns made of special materials that contains various types of seeds so when the material breaks down, a new living organism is born.
Beach: One of the favorite choices for scattering ashes. Beach memorials inexpensive and offers the widest variety of ways to scatter ashes whether in the water, on the sand or buried. An urn or scattering tube are the most convenient memorials to use.
Wherever Your Heart Tells You.

Here are some things to remember as you consider the places to scatter cremated ashes. Each state has its own regulations for the disposal of human remains so please check as they vary greatly. Your funeral director should be able to help you. Also, it's a good idea not to dispose of all of your loved one's ashes in the same place, or the same time. Of course, this is a very personal decision but many families find that keeping a small portion the ashes brings comfort.

Dave Donovan
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