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Personalized Candles - A Special Funeral Keepsake

By M McHale

Funeral keepsakes are an important part of the grieving process. They can provide comfort to family and friends following loss. When a loved one passes away it's natural to want a special memento to remember them. These precious and priceless reminders can include a variety of items from prayer cards, to bookmarks, holiday remembrance ornaments, and even personalized candles.

Candle mementos provide not only a cherished reminder of a beloved one after the memorial or funeral service but they can also be used during the service as well. Many find the soothing effect of seeing the candle burn a real comfort. In fact, a recent study concluded that over forty percent of funeral homes use some sort of personalized candle at every service.

Personalization software and printing companies offer funeral homes the ability to create an endless possibility of personalized funeral keepsake candles. To create these celebration candles, nothing more than a computer, a standard ink-jet or laser printer and some pre-programmed and pre-formatted robust software is needed. Over four-hundred and fifty design themes allows funeral homes to create the most personalized mementos quickly and easily.

The flexibility of the four-sided funeral keepsake allows the funeral home to offer both themed candles as well as candles with one or four different photographs. They can be created also to include a special poem, bible text, and/or other sentimental text.

A funeral keepsake is a wonderful way to honor a loved one and to celebrate their life. A celebration candle, is an ideal choice to provide family and friends with lasting memories of those that have departed.

Maureen McHale is a web marketing consultant.

Frazer Consultants is a personalization, technology, and consulting company for the death care profession.


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