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Memorial Urns For Ashes - A Dignified Resting Place

By Matthew Davin

For many people, a Memorial is a member of the family. The death of a Memorial is like the death of a family member. Who else is capable of so much love, so much loyalty, and so many memories? When the moment comes, Memorial urns for ashes, Memorial memorial markers, and garden stones can be a wonderful way to memorialize your Memorial. For many people, finding a beautiful and dignified way to memorialize your lost loved one is a way to work through the painful grieving process.

We wanted a way to remember our dog. Taking him to the vet for the last time was the hardest thing we've ever had to do. He had a severe case of hip dysplasia and he could no longer walk. We knew it was time and we knew we had to make the tough decision for him and give him one last gift of merciful love. I remember how we witnessed his last moments and then how we went out to the car and cried. The vet did his best but he could only offer a few options for cremation.

There are ways to remember your Memorial. Memorial urns for ashes offer a beautiful and decorative way to honor your Memorial's memory. There are many different options available. If you look around, you will find one that matches the personality of your Memorial and is a suitable reminder of your time together.

One of the more popular styles of Memorial urns for ashes is a photo urn. These usually take the shape of a wooden box with a chamber inside to hold the ashes. The outside of the box usually has a place to display a photo of your Memorial. Most models also include a custom engraving with your Memorial's name and a message from you. These types of urns are appropriate to display on a mantel, bookshelf or anywhere in your house.

Another popular style is a rock urn. These are usually very realistic looking cast stone that are designed to look like real rocks. Each one contains a hollow chamber for storing your Memorial's ashes. There is also usually a place to attach a metal engraving with your Memorial's name. What I like about this type of urn is that it can make a very decorative addition to your backyard. These types of Memorial urns for ashes make a beautiful addition to any garden or landscaping.

Whichever style of Memorial urns for ashes that you choose, find one that honors your Memorial. Your Memorial looked up to you, protected you, depended on you, and loved you with all of its heart. I know how painful it is to lose a pet. For yourself and your Memorial, I hope you can find a dignified way to preserve a memory of your time together.

Losing a Memorial is hard. Memorial urns for ashes and other types of Memorial memorial markers can be a wonderful way of celebrating the life of your Memorial and remembering your happy times together.


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