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Funeral Speech - A Few Things to Remember When Writing Your Funeral Speech-Eulogy

By Margaret Marquisi

As inevitable as death is the need to talk about the person who is dear to us. One day in our lives, we would be losing a valuable person; as much as we want every important person in our lives to stay, we will have to face the fact that we all die- it's only a matter of who goes first and who is next. And when somebody goes first, the only thing we could do is to make his or her spirit alive, his or her life known to every man. We sometimes find ourselves left with the responsibility to deliver the best testimonial on how well the person lived his or her life on earth.

Since it is only through our testimonials that we make the lives of our loved ones known, we have the responsibility of delivering funeral speeches whose messages would stick to the minds of those who will hear them. We do not want to be simply forgotten when we die ourselves. We would like our memories to linger for such a long time, if not forever. We want our memories to be immortalized. This has been the same for every people.

Funeral speeches are the highlights of every funeral. It is at this part of the funeral that you see most people shedding tears for the person who left the world; sometimes they would laugh and smile at the foibles and childishness of the person who died. The only weapon to make the beautiful life that has ended to be made known to other people is through funeral speeches.

Funeral speeches should effectively mirror the person's goodness. It is an attribute to a very special person. We all want the best for all the people we love. Nobody wants to have a forgotten speech. Nobody wants to deliver a monotonous speech that could make the listeners drone into sleep. Even the dead would like to be lauded in a manner worthy of a saint.

A good funeral speech cannot be written in a snap of a finger; it has to be meticulously prepared. From waiting for the inspiration to come to the day of delivery, everything must simply fall into place. It takes a lot of practice before one can fully be adept in writing his or her own funeral speech.

Just like any other speeches, a funeral speech should have a distinct style and theme. This would depend on the relationship of the speaker to the person who died. The speech may deal on the on the chronology of the life of the person, a story of a shared memory, it may talk about the achievements of the person, or the important legacy he or she has left in the world. Every funeral speeches' purpose is to share the life of the person. The larger part relies on how well one delivers the speech. There are instances when the speaker sheds tears, and in most cases most of the listeners are crying too. This is just a sign that they understand what you mean and they feel for you.

Margaret Marquisi is a retired writer and fulltime grandmother. To learn more about memorable eulogy speeches or eulogy speech writing, visit her website.


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