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Keeping Memories Alive With Memorial Cards And Bookmarks

By Derek P Moynihan

A loved one's passing is one of the most traumatic events that anyone will have to endure in their lives and the immediate organisation of a funeral or a memorial service is something that no one is taught how to prepare for. After the funeral it can be difficult to remember to thank all those who helped you during the difficult process, those who gave you comfort, shared your sorrow or offered their condolences in other ways.

One such way of giving thanks is by sending a thank you card. In modern times it has become a tradition to send memorial cards after a funeral to those who comforted you in your time of need as a thank you but also these cards can be a means of giving family and friends a small remembrance of the deceased to cherish. These cards first appeared in the 15th century and where also very popular in the Victorian era where they were predominantly of a religious nature.

These memorial cards generally contained the deceased name and date of death but would also contain a favourite picture and also a favourite verse or prayer which where traditional taken from the Book of Psalms. However in recent times the trend of using religious themes cards has declined and has been replaced by more subtle and generic themes such as an Autumn setting, a flowing river or a fading sunset.

Sometimes accompanying these cards can be memorial bookmarks and memorial wallet cards. They are another keepsake alternative to give to friends and family as remembrance of their loved one. A bookmark in a favorite book or a memorial card in a wallet can provide comfort and solace during the grieving process. Memorial cards are not only given after a funeral but can also be given on anniversaries. Rich backgrounds, beautiful scenery, and moving prayers help families keep the moments and images of loved ones close to the heart and mind.

If it your responsibility to organize memorial cards or bookmarks, choose carefully as these are treasured items are kept years after as keepsakes and you may find them on the dashboard of a car, in a wallet, on a cupboard or on a fridge.

Derek has been in the print industry for 25 years. After a family bereavement he was amazed at the difficulty in organising a funeral, the etiquette of funerals and coping with grief and loss. He set up a blog and website to help people find out more information and also to make ordering of memorial cards and bookmarks easier. http://www.treasuredmemorialcards.com.


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