Words of Comfort  

  • For a Child

C-301   Hush my dear, be still and slumber: Jolly angels guard your bed     Watts
C-302   The dutifulness of children is the foundation of all virtue     Cicero
C-303   Children bring their own love with them when they come        Jean Ingelow
C-304   What would the world be to us if children were no more?           Longfellow
C-305   Oh, for boyhoodís time of June crowding years into one brief moon              Whittier
C-306   Sleep undisturbed within the peaceful shrine.  Till angels wake thee with a note like thine     Samuel Johnson
C-307   No jewel is as perfect as the innocence of childhood        Anon
C-308   Sleep, my little one, sleep               Harrington
C-309   Children are a heritage of the Lord          Psalms 127: 3
C-310   The child is the father of the man            Wordsworth
C-311   Little Boy Blue has gone away            Field
C-312   Godís garden has need of little flowers
C-313   Remembering a tiny angel
C-314   So small, so sweet, so soon
C-315   Lord, we give you our littlest angel
C-253   Budded ( or blossomed) on earth to bloom in Heaven
C-317   For of such is the Kingdom of Heaven
C-318   His was a manís courage
C-319   Our littlest angel who went back to Heaven
C-256   Called by one who loves him dearly
C-321   Let thy child rest in hope and rise in glory
C-322   Awaiting the touch of a little hand, and the smile of a little face   E. Field
C-259   Children are the keys of paradise      R. H. Stoddard
C-325   An angel visited the green earth, and took a flower away       (Adapted) Longfellow



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