How To Choose A Perfect Monument For Your Loved One Can Depend On Several Factors

One of the most expensive items purchased for a funeral will be the headstone for the cemetery. How to choose a Perfect Monument for Your Loved One will depend on a few different factors. They can be expensive, but they will be a permanent marking for the cemetery.

The headstone should be made from a quality material in order to withstand the elements. It is an investment that will be intact for hundreds of years to follow. There are many different styles as well as various ways to customize them specific to the loved ones.

Cemeteries vary on the regulations for headstones for example, some cemeteries will not allow a headstone that stands above the ground and will only allow a plaque made from metal or stone to be placed for the marking. There are also some cemeteries that will allow a raised monument; however, they have a height limit so it is important to find out what is permitted before ordering.

If you have opted for a headstone that stands above the ground it should be created from marble or granite as these two materials are very durable and will tolerate the change in elements. These can be found in numerous sizes, shapes and can be customized to your specific needs.

A headstone is the marker as well as the way to pay a tribute to the loved one. Choosing what to have engraved may prove difficult for some as the additional words should have meaning to the deceased and their loved ones as well as their name, birth dates and the date of death. Some choose to have a small picture frame on the front or a poem that has special meaning to the deceased.

How to Choose a Perfect Monument for Your Loved One is a difficult time both with expense and choice of stone. Grief is extremely difficult and the funeral planning process can feel overwhelming, so many loved ones wait a few weeks before making the decision on a headstone. This is perfectly acceptable as it gives loved ones time to decide on the most meaningful words to add to the monument. It is also understandable to shop around for a monument that is within the budget, yet will be the perfect choice for the deceased and loved ones.




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