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Advanced Funeral Stationery

By Matt Frazer

Funeral stationery has evolved along with the trend in funeral personalization. Prayer cards, guest books and thank-you cards that were once impersonal and standard are now customizable thanks to innovative funeral software. Additionally, new items add even more choices for families to memorialize their loved ones. With the advancements in funeral technology, creating a completely personalized funeral or memorial service for your client family is easier than ever before and can be completely done in-house.

Nowadays, printing and customizing funeral stationery in-house is an excellent way to personalize a client families tribute for their loved one. The options for adding photos and personal details allow you to create very special remembrances for family and other mourners. As a death care professional, offering customized guest registers, prayer cards, order-of-service programs, specialty memorial items and thank-you cards is an added service that can magnify client satisfaction and increase your revenue.

With specialized funeral software, you can easily print custom items with a matching theme to add that personal touch to DVD tribute video holders, guest register books, memorial bookmarks and thank-you cards. You don't need specialty pre-printed papers either, you can use blank card stock for each item you want to make. With this flexibility, you can also print as many or as few as you wish. Software of this kind includes over 500 themes to allow your clients to choose an occupation, interest or hobby that exemplifies the life they're honoring, making each item particularly meaningful.

Along with traditional items such as prayer cards and funeral register books, you might consider offering your client families additional memorial items such as funeral candles. Memorial candles feature printed inserts that you can personalize to match the theme of the stationery items, include the name and photograph of the deceased and any verse, psalm or verbiage the family wishes. These special candles can be lighted and displayed during viewing hours and funeral services, or given as gifts to family members who were unable to attend the service. Funeral candles add quiet warmth and another layer of personalization to the services you offer.

Your clients might also appreciate the opportunity to distribute small tokens of remembrance to mourners, such as remembrance ornaments that have been customized with the name of their loved one. The can be given to client families as a simple token of appreciation for choosing your funeral home, or in connection with pre-planning or aftercare services. They are also an excellent memorial keepsake for a holiday remembrance program as well.

The best place on the web to learn more about personalized funeral stationery and funeral software is Frazer Consultants. This company has a solid reputation of developing high performing and reliable technology for the death care industry. They also have a beautiful selection of funeral keepsakes and holiday remembrance ornaments.


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