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Planning A Funeral Memorial

By Michelle Bery

Saying goodbye to a loved one who has passed away is difficult in any capacity. In many cases, during this time of emotional upheaval, family members are also faced with a bevy of decisions. Funeral arrangements must be made and if there is no plan in place, such details can be extremely overwhelming. Of course, there is also the option of holding a funeral memorial to honor your loved one.

A traditional funeral is held just prior to burial in either a funeral parlor or place of worship. In most cases, a casket containing the deceased is present at the funeral. A funeral memorial, however, takes place without the presence of the deceased and, because of this, can be held anywhere and at any time.

Some people choose to hold a funeral memorial if the deceased was not particularly religious; or if they would rather those honoring their loved one remembered them the way that they were rather than having the casket as a lasting visual. In some terrible cases, the body of the deceased is not available because of the manner of death. A funeral memorial may be held in this situation.

A funeral memorial can actually be a quite moving service. Not confined to any particular location, a funeral memorial can be held at a place that was special to the deceased. There is no limit the places you can hold a funeral memorial - including holding it an outdoor location. Normally, a funeral memorial will showcase pictures of the deceased. You may also choose to include favorite pieces of music, as well as readings by the attendees. Ultimately, a funeral memorial is designed to honor the life of your loved one; you are not limited in any capacity in doing this.

In some situations, the deceased may have planned their own funeral memorial prior to their death. If this is the case, then it is simply your job to set into motion the decisions that have already been made. If there is no plan in place, then it is up to the family members to plan a fitting funeral memorial. This is a process best done together; join together as a group united in planning a funeral memorial reflective of their loved one's unique personality.

For easy to understand, in depth information about funeral memorial visit our ezGuide 2 Funeral.


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