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Top 5 Ways To Create A Memorial Of A Person You Lost

By Mary P. James

Hi everyone! For this article, I am going to talk a bit about memorial ideas, specifically, ways you can create a memorial for someone you lost. Losing someone can be very difficult, it is something I have went through, and everyone goes through the loss of a loved one at some point in their lives. After the funeral, many people wonder how else they can go about remembering their loved ones. Through this article, I am going to present my list of 5 ways that you can create a memorial for someone you have lost. So let's get right to the list!

1. Plant A Tree!

This is a common idea, and it is a good one. Why not plan a tree in memorial of the person that you have lost? You can find a lot of information on the internet about planting trees. If you decide on this idea, you just need to figure out where you would like to plant the tree. Planting it in your own backyard is the most common idea, as it keeps the memorial site close to you.

2. Donate A Bench!

Why not donate some type of property in memorial of the person you lost? You could donate to a bench to your loved ones favorite park, or you could buy a brick at a local park, zoo, etc. Ask yourself, what was your loved ones favorite places to go? This will give you a good start on where you could make a donation of property in honor of your loved one.

3. Create a DVD!

This is another popular idea. If you have photos and videos of your loved one, you could turn it into a memorial DVD and play it at family gatherings. This is a great way to remember your loved one, and it's also a very emotional way of remembering them.

4. Create A Web Site

Another great way of remembering your loved one is making a website for them. If you don't know how to create a website, there are numerous websites that offer the option of allowing you to easily create a memorial website. Through this website you could upload pictures, videos, stories. This is especially a great way to remember a loved one as family all over the country can access the website. In addition, you can make the website public so that any person in general can come across it. Even strangers can then come to understand just how amazing your loved one was.

5. Keep A Journal!

This is a really good way of dealing with your emotions with your loved ones lost. You can create a journal and write all of your thoughts about your loved one. It is really good to get your emotions out. In addition, you can know that your loved ones are reading your thoughts and knowing just how much you miss them.

I hope you enjoyed these ideas. Losing a loved one is very difficult, but creating a memorial for them is a really great idea. Hopefully this article will have given you some ideas. Good luck with your memorial! I'm sure your loved one would be proud.

Mary has been helping those who have lost loved ones for many years. She runs a blog titled Poems For Funerals. She highly encourages all of you to check out her blog.


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