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Creating Meaningful Memorial Services With Funeral Poetry
By Thomas Alan Lampsen

Funerals and memorial services are events usually stemming from religious or cultural beliefs. Funerals are formal ceremonies, usually involving a viewing, and occur within a few days of death. Memorial services can be held any time after a loved one dies and are less formal. The ceremonies can be held in various venues, and offer an assortment of scheduled events. Many have found that the use of funeral poetry can elevate the quality and meaning of the ceremony.

In either case, the main purpose is to honor and remember someone's life. This is a sorrowful, joyful and meaningful time for loved ones of the deceased. Loss brings forth so many emotions that choosing the best way to express heartfelt thoughts can be difficult, overwhelming. Many people choose to read poetry. Some find comfort in Biblical scriptures, of which, the book of Psalms is considered a "book" of poetry.

If asked to speak on behalf of the decedent, there are numerous choices for appropriate funeral poetry, readings and verse available. Because there are so many emotions involved in loss; writing something personally to capture the essence of a person, can be daunting. Therefore, choosing a deeply felt memorial can offer comfort to all. Funeral poetry is generally a special element to the service, as it further personalizes the service.

Sensitive, descriptive verse can be beneficial in many ways. For one, it allows the attendees to reflect on the person who has died, through words. This can prompt peace about the loss, and further aid them to move through the grief process. Finally, a carefully selected poem can complete thoughts and put words to feelings, creating a memorial that matters.

Thomas Alan Lampsen maintains Funeral Poems and Eulogies, where you can find wonderful funeral poems and more assistance.

You can find the right words. Visit Thomas' website for free funeral poems and resources to help you create a perfect memorial.


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