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If You Do Not Have a Headstone How Will Anyone Find You?
By Corinne Bridgewater

Going to graveyards and looking at the inscriptions on the tombstones has always been a tool that was used in genealogy research. However now due to the computer age we are able to research information about the tombstones online. There is even a way nowadays using digital technology to attach to the headstone a storage device with any information about the person the family wanted to save.

On the other hand there is a trend for, going green. People who are eco savvy want low impact to the environment natural burial places. This means no longer will there be put up any headstone in a cemetery that will last for future generations. This means that if this trend truly develops a following then future family historians will find it hard to find this information.

What happens then when the eco natural plot goes back to earth, will family historians of the future have any of the graveyard information available to them? Headstones are valuable resources for historians and if they are no longer there then what?

There is a push it seems for alternative burial passages and none seem to care about saving the history of the person being buried, this could have a great impact on genealogy research of the future.

Of course some of it is not so new; there has always been the burial at sea and the tossing of ashes over a mountain range or favorite place of the deceased person. Either of these ways leaves no marker on land.

Two traditional ways to dispose of human remains that keep genealogical information intact:

Has a headstone: Bury in a cemetery, in the ground or a wall

Has a headstone: Cremate and bury in a cemetery

Alternative ways to dispose of human remains that do not keep genealogical information intact:

Does not have a headstone: Go green, bury in a preserve with no headstone or marker
Does not have a headstone - Become a reef in the ocean. For a small fee a company will take your cremated remains and mold them into a reef, lower it into the sea for animals to make their own in.
Does not have a headstone - Become part of a diamond. They will take your carbon and create a fake diamond.
Does not have a headstone - Become part of a picture. Add you to paint and put you on canvas
Does not have a headstone: Go into space for a huge fee
Does not have a headstone: Get made into a pencil
Does not have a headstone: Get made into fireworks

Yes all these ways are available if you just look around, but the point is that you will not have a plaque or marker to be remembered by and when those people that were there at the time pass on to their place then what happens to all the information about when you died and where?


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