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Stone Crafts - The Rich Cultural Heritage of India
By Priti Nirman

India is renowned as a largest integration of stone crafts and also known for their rich cultural heritage. Since ancient times, crafting or carving is an integral part of Indian culture and the artwork of caves, temples and tombs which are a perfect example of Indian artistry. From many years, Thousands of tourists have been visited to our country specially for viewing the rich heritage and Indian true craftsmanship. One of the noticeable and significant thing in Indian stone artwork is their perfect fretwork.

In India, the temples artwork and stone work of various monuments tells the tales of a rich history of carving. Varied statues of famous personality, stone crafts in amusement parks and varied monuments are very admirable. These are being carried along the generations which can be showed in the contemporary artwork of stone crafts as well. In present scenario, many artists have been shown their perfect craftsmanship which does not let down us in front of the rest of the world.

The temple of Akshardham in Noida, is the perfect example of contemporary carvings which showcase the true Indian artwork which is still alive in the modern age. Stone crafts manufacturers are widely appreciated for its true craftsmanship who are capable of carving, even most complicated carving. You will find the largest marketplace of crafting artwork which includes various furnitures, decorative items, designer fountains and many more. From an immense of crafted items, you can also get a huge number of beautifully carved statues and figurines which will definitely enhance the beauty of your interior dcor.


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