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Stone Arts
By Keerthi P

Ever had time to listen to the chiselling musical produced while carving a rock stone into a beautiful sculpture? Well, then it is a must to see and enjoy activity, from South India, for all creative minds, once in a lifetime. The metal chisel used for work in the group speaks a rhythmic language to these stones, which convey a great message that, these stones are entitled for worship at the temples or would be fixed in a famous museum for people around to adore it, as a rare piece of art in the world.

We would feel grateful to appreciate the patience of sculptors, if we learnt how they dedicate their life for a good cause, which is to lighten a heavy heart, at the very moment of eyeing the great piece of art. The beautiful colours that are painted on these carved stones radiate a positive vibration into the minds of admirers that linger in their hearts as music or even find poetic expressions, in the form of words.

Carvings on stones are done with utmost care, for not even a single defect should be identified, in the proportion of size and symmetry of each piece of work. The individual pieces crafted are then united with some strong chemical bonds and are then erected, magnificently, for a grand number of visitors to admire its beauty at temples or museums or at a tourist spot to attract the attention of photographers around the globe. Different types of stone are used for different purposes. While conglomerates and pebbles, picked or broken into uniform shapes and sizes, decorate the floor of a monument, marbles and hard rocks are preferred to be used for carving them into mind blowing creative shapes, like a gorgeous dancing lady, a war between two kings and their cities, animals which were used during their civilizations, mythological representation of gods and goddesses and so on.

In olden days, stone carvings done for building traditional monuments in South India, took a lot of manual efforts. They depicted the history and stories of ancient kings and their ancestral generations. These stories were mostly portrayed on monolithic stones, which was a great effort, to be made on their times, when no one had known about machine cutting techniques. Those unique sculptures which are centuries old, are still being protected from natural disasters and considered for annual reclamation. A few of those sculptures require an overall renovation, may be only once in a decade, while a few of them have already been destroyed due to natural disasters like heavy rain and storms.

Monuments or caves, that proudly stand out with fresco paintings are greatly honoured as most amusing spots for great artists of our times. They are one of the renowned antique remains of our ancestors. Excavations from earth had also been discovered from various part of South India, which are worth treasuring them for the sake of our future generation. The vibrant colours used on walls had given the researchers all around the world, new ideas and new focus for rediscovering ancient ideas, on the chemical compositions of colours used for painting on fresh walls.

Believe it or not, the stones of various textures like rubies, sapphire and emerald are considered more divine by astronomers who prescribe them even for a cause and effect that is believed to enhance zodiac relations with humans. Such stones were embedded to decorate the jewels of kings and tiara of great queens of olden times, around the world. The historical carvings in the stones, of how man evolved from an ape, are still used in national history museums for the first time visitors to learn facts about evolution. The genesis of Homo sapiens, when scientists postulated theories and changed the world's perception, was taught and displayed using such carvings. Thanks to the dedication of their creative minds that were capable of sketching all emotions from our life into a sculpture, on a stone.

Each South Indian traditional sculpture, carved out of stone, would have a history or a tale to narrate, along the coastal areas. When visited in a cool weather or a rainy season, would be a great thing to treasure for life!


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