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How Do You Find Out If Someone is Dead? Try a Public Records Search
By Shannon Smart

Have you lost touch with a friend or family member? Do you think about them often and wonder what has happened to them? If so, you might be wondering if they are still alive somewhere, and if they are, how to find them and contact them. You might even be worried that they have died, and how you can go about finding out that information.

One way to find out for sure what has happened to someone you care about is to do a public records search. When you do a public records search, you can find out any information that has been filed in the public domain. You can find out information such as past and current addresses, court records such as marriage and divorce filings, or even criminal records and arrest warrants. You will also gain access to birth and death records.

If you are really concerned that your friend or family member has died, the records search will also show all of the public information available about someone's death. You will have access to the location and date of death, obituary and cemetery listings, memorial information, tombstone inscriptions, and death certificates. The search will show information from anywhere within the United States, even if you do not know your friend's or loved one's most recent whereabouts.

When you are unsure about what has happened to someone, performing a public records search could be your answer. You can find out for sure where they are and, if they are still alive, you will find out how to contact them. If you do, sadly, find out that they have died, you will then have the information you need to get the closure you both deserve.


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