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Planning A Memorial Garden
By Monica Phillips

When a loved one dies, it is only natural that we attempt to find ways to keep the fond memories of that person alive in our hearts and minds. One of the finest tributes would be a memorial garden, a peaceful area where you can reflect on the memories of the departed. However, if a memorial garden is not well thought out from the very beginning, it could turn into an area that may become more of a burden, rather than a blessing. To help avoid such a dilemma, the following three suggestions are offered to help contribute to the success of such a project.

Consider The Amount Of Area To Be Used For The Memorial Garden

A common mistake people make when constructing a memorial garden is initially making the area too large. While it is understandable that after the death of a loved one that we would not want to skimp on the size of the project, the fact remains that a garden will demand certain expenditures of time and money for its upkeep. Rather than have the garden be too grandiose for economical upkeep, a smaller, humbler garden may be the path to follow for the desired longevity of this memorial. On the other hand, if you are an avid gardener and wish to spend your free time in cultivating the area then a larger project might suit you well.

Position The Memorial Garden In A Secluded Area

Most of us would not want to bury our loved ones in a cemetery next to a busy highway, as such a setting would infringe upon our desire of having a peaceful area of meditation. Likewise, if at all possible, a memorial garden should be planted in a secluded area of your property to allow a tranquil area to reflect upon the memories of the departed.

Making The Memorial Garden Comfortable And Comforting

The garden should be a restful spot that reflects the personality of the departed. Ideally, it should be planted with fragrant and colorful flowers that the deceased enjoyed. A memorial bench would not only serve as a tasteful centerpiece of the garden, but also provide visitors a place to sit and relax. Another suggestion for a maintenance free and long-lasting addition to a memorial garden would be a wind chime, so that the music of the breezes could add to the tranquil setting.

Your local library, home improvement store, or a web search may prove useful in obtaining further details as to the type of plants and flowers that are best suited for your region. You may choose to add additional memorial items, such as markers or statues that will best suit the personality of your loved one.

No matter the style or size of the project, the intent is to provide a memorial garden that is a loving tribute to the deceased.


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