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Garden Memorial Stones - Pay Tribute to Loved Ones
By Dave Gorski

Losing someone close to you is often a painful experience. People find different ways to comfort themselves at a time of loss. Some people have found that adding a garden memorial stone in honor of the loved one helps to ease the sense of loss. There are no hard and fast rules to the form a memorial stone must take. There is a great deal of variety of stones available form different suppliers. It is important to find the right one, since this will be a long lasting tribute.

Presenting someone with a memorial stone as a gift is a unique way to express condolences. Rather than sending flowers that will die within a few days, a stone memorial will last for years. Choosing a simple stone with an expressive sentiment carved onto it can be a moving gift. Most distributors will be able to personalize the garden memorial stone to give the gift greater significance and impact. The recipient will treasure the gift and the chance to remember the lost loved one with the garden memorial.

Not all garden stones are made equally. Not all garden stones are made of stone. Depending on your needs you may prefer one of the products that look like stone and hold up well to outdoor conditions. Fabricated stone tends to be lighter than natural stone which can help with shipping costs. A fabricated garden memorial stone will provide as much comfort as natural stone in helping to remember the loved one.

Find the perfect spot for your memorial by choosing somewhere that the stone can be viewed by visitors. Placing it near a bench is ideal. In some instances, you may wish to create a new place in the garden for the memorial. Some people will plant the person's favorite flowers near the stone. Others may choose to place the garden memorial stone near a water fountain. Still others will plant an assortment of plants and flowers that will attract butterflies and hummingbirds to celebrate life, even in the face of death. There are many ways to create a peaceful setting that will do justice to the memorial. It is all a matter of taking some time to choose the right memorial stone and setting it in the right place in the garden.


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