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Tips on Engraving a Stone
By Ethan G Scott

From the ancient etchings on the cave walls to crude deities and also talismans to the modern-day granite tombstones, people have found the fascinating in engraving stone. They choose stone as it is a readily available material and also the material that will last for more centuries, allowing them in leaving their mark on the world long after they have departed it. There are some methods that can be used in engraving stone, but the most modern methods will allow the carvers to be more precise in their etchings.

For the first step, you should choose the best stone to engrave. For the beginners, a stone with the flat surface just like the river rock will be easier for you to etch. After that, you need to cover a sturdy table with the old newspaper. You can draw a simple design on a flat surface with the china marker or even wax-based pencil. In doing this, you need to remember that the etched lines can be lighter than the original color of a stone.

For the second step, you have to put on the safety goggles. You need to select the ball tip and then insert it into your electric engraver. Slowly and also with the light pressure, trace the outline of the design. It is important for you to take your time and then get the feel of the stone that is whittled away with every small pass of a ball tip.

For the next step, you should use the cone tip in order to engrave the detail lines. You can add shading and also dimension to the design by using the cylinder tip. Remember when you are shading to engrave the lines in the natural direction. For the example, if you are engraving a long daffodil leaf, you can engrave the shading from the tip to the base of a leaf.

For the last step, you can use the damp rag in order to clear the dust from the surface of the tone therefore you will see what you have accomplished so far and also what you have yet to do. When your image has completed, you can wash and dry the rock. In order to bring out the detail, you can fill in depressions on the light-colored rock with the black latex paint. After that, wipe off every excess with the damp rag. For the dark-colored stones, you need to try paint in making the image "pop."

Laser engraving supplies will give you various choices of engraving tools. There are many types of this machine that you can choose such as metal engravers. This is really great as your needs.


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