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How to Create an Everlasting Memorial
By Phil T Byrne

Your loved one is now at rest, you have said goodbye and now is the time to create an everlasting tribute to your loved one. But how do you decide which memorial stone, what colour lettering and which inscription?

Memorials and headstones come in many different materials, colours and sizes. Choosing between them can be confusing and tiring. Start with the colour. What was your loved one's favourite colour? Granite headstones come in nearly every colour available, Yorkstone headstones are traditional and marble gives you a bright white finish. Most cemeteries allow various colours of headstones and memorial plaques, unfortunately churchyards are stricter. Your cemetery or churchyard should be able to provide you with a copy of the rules and regulations.

Once you have chosen your colour, think about what you want the headstone or memorial to say. The inscription should give the name, date of birth and date of death of the deceased, but the rest of the epitaph is free for you to add your messages of love or favourite sayings.

Personalise the memorial with a design or engraving. Many different designs are available to be sandblasted or laser etched on to the headstone. These can range from simple flower headers and crosses to pictures of your loved one, or engravings of their favourite pastime or Memorial.

The size of your headstone will depend on the size of the engraving and length of the inscription you have chosen. Most headstones come in an overall height of 2'6" or 2'10". Churchyards will only allow headstones up to a maximum overall height of 2'6", whereas most cemeteries will allow any size memorial.

You are now ready to take your memorial design to a memorial mason.

At Granite Memorials we have experienced master stonemasons, who will talk you through every aspect of designing your memorial. They will offer advice on the types of headstones and memorials available, talk you though the fonts and type of letterings and then design a bespoke memorial to your requirements. We always provide proofs of your design with our quotation and are happy to provide examples of more than one inscription so you can be assured that you are buying the perfect tribute for your loved one. At Granite Memorials we pride ourselves in providing stunning timeless memorials that our clients are delighted with.


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