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Poetry in Stone - Sculptures
By Anita Satin Choudhary

Understanding the basic concept of what a sculpture is essential as there is a variety of mediums with which one can express. Sculpture is a three dimensional representation of an idea or a real life portrayal in wood, stone, ivory, precious stones, metals and even papier-mâché!

Sculpture has been a medium of expression of thoughts or imagination, since ancient times in all civilizations around the world. However, it was only with the evolution of different styles that it has developed to the modern stage. It was during the Hellenistic era that human figures came to be depicted which formed the basis of European sculptures.

With different mediums of expressions, the methods used are modeling, carving, casting, chiseling and constructing. Sculptures are supposed to last longer as they are crafted in solid materials and can withstand heat and other climatic changes. Archaeological excavations have yielded innumerable sculptures, some dating back 35,000 years ago crafted from mammoth ivory. The early humans left a lot of signs of their environment, in sculptures of animals and figurines on bone and mammoth ivory.

Although sculptures are done in coral, agate, amber, jade, animal bones and brass and used as decorative items as their popularity never diminishes. You can buy sculptures for many different requirements and pricing depends upon the size and material it is crafted from. There are many online stores from where you can buy authentic handcrafted coral, ivory, agate, wood, stone sculptures that are intricate, delicate and exotic.

Although there must be many stores around the place you live that stock sculptures and art pieces, the variety available on online stores is unbelievable. You get to browse sculptures of every nation and style and if you like something, procure it sitting right at home!

With elephant ivory banned worldwide, mammoth ivory sculptures are the latest craze as it is similar, unique and has the tag of being antique. Legal all over the world, mammoth ivory sculptures are a real treat to the eyes. Similar delicate sculptures done by very experienced sculptors in agate, coral, silver, bronze and stone are getting very popular as mementos and gifts on every occasion.

Craftsmen get a good exposure while you can buy genuine handcrafted sculptures directly from wholesale importers, saving cost, getting a variety and quality you have always desired. So, on any special occasion, gift something different to your family and friends - gift a sculpture!


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