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How to Find Cemetery Records Online
By Matthew Beeson

Creating a family tree can be very exciting and a lot of fun. It makes a nice gift for a parent, grandparent or other relative, or is something nice to keep for your own family. You will find that filing in the information for your current relatives, or even those a generation or two back, will not be as difficult as trying to fill in the blanks for those ancestors who have been dead for over half a century or more. Thankfully, there are vital records that you can search for that will help you uncover the details to fill the empty spaces on your tree.

Death records are where you should focus your search. A death record can include various data including, but not limited to, the details and location of the death and funeral, death certificate, obituary and cemetery listings. To find the documents related to the passing of your relative, you can search the internet. This is a luxury you should greatly appreciate, considering not so many years ago a person would have had to conduct a far more taxing and physical search for these records.

What type of a search? There are different searches that could have been done, all of which can still be employed today, such as:

- Checking the death records archived by the state or county where the relative died.
- Visiting the church or funeral home where the wake or funeral took place
- Looking through old city newspaper archives for obituaries
- Searching for the gravestone in the cemetery where your ancestor was buried.

Of all the methods mentioned that would enable you to obtain death record information, a cemetery was often a popular choice as it was a free and practical source. The reason is because a headstone or grave plaque typically includes the full name of the individual, the date of birth and the date of their death, and sometimes other information such as the names of their Memorial.

Unfortunately, if you only know the state where your relative was buried, a physical cemetery search would be out of the question. Not unless, of course, you intend to spend an extensive amount of time visiting the hundreds or thousands of cemeteries within the state and browsing the millions of tombstones. Therefore, since it is unlikely that you will want to waste a ridiculous amount of time gravestone browsing when you can simply sit in a comfortable chair in front of your computer, you are probably interested in the more viable online search option.

The best place to search cemetery records online is on a public records provider site. This website will feature a massive database that will not only allow you access to death records, but also to an impressive amount of other vital details including birth and adoption records, as well as marriage and divorce records. Searching is simple and you'll dig up results in no time.


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