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Garden Memorial Stones Are Unique Tributes
By Dave Gorski

There are few longer lasting ways to pay tribute to a loved one than with a sentiment set in stone. A garden memorial stone set in a lovely spot under a tree or near a fountain gives people a chance to remember their lost friends or family members in a comfortable setting. Many times these stones are very simple and understated in appearance. They are unobtrusive because they seem to be a natural part of the garden.

Stone distributors are able to carve sentiments into the rocks to personalize them. This adds an extra dimension of tribute. The stone may contain a saying or poem that may have been a favorite of the lost person. Or it can be something chosen specifically to celebrate their life. Working with a stone carver to engrave just the right words in just the right font onto a garden memorial stone can mean that the stone will appear just as you want it. This means that it more than likely will fit in well with the chosen garden setting.

There are many style options available for garden stones. Some stones can be carved to include a small candle. Adding this small amount of light means that visitors to the memorial can appreciate it after dark as well as during daylight hours. Flickering candle light is an excellent way to establish a respectful, yet attractive memorial. A garden memorial stone may also be carved into specific shapes, such as a cross, tombstone or pillar. The memorial is all the more harmonious when the shape and the sentiment carved on it complement one another.

Another way to personalize the memorial is to add a photograph of the loved one onto the stone. Photographs can accompany a poem or simply the name of the person. Photographs work well on small or larger stones. Photographs may be in color or in black and white. Choose the photograph in conjunction with the color of the garden memorial stone to create the best effect. A color photograph may look best on a darker stone, whereas, a black and white photograph might look better on a stone with more of a copper coloring. There are several factors to consider and a reputable stone dealer will work to help create the ideal memorial.


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