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The Dos and Don'ts When In A Funeral

By Jitske Memoli

Planning and organizing a funeral is intended for colleagues and other acquaintances of the deceased to put across their sympathy and pay respect to the family. To some people, paying proper respect to their departed ones can be very uncomfortable that they would not know how to act and what their pronouncements should be in a funeral. Here are some fundamental funeral manners that you should be aware of.

Pay a Visit to the Family
If someone who is close to you happened to lost a loved one or a relative, you should definitely pay a visit to the place and bring some flowers to the funeral. Cards conveying your deepest condolence to the family can also be offered. Make them feel that you really are concerned and let them know that you will be always available if they needed you assistance.

What to Do
Funerals are not the very best place to take your loudmouth. The family of the deceased would rather have you to listen and sympathize with them genuinely. Instead, hold their hands and just listen to stories they wanted to tell or anything they have to say. Asking them about the details of the person's death would make them feel further depressed. If you do not care about the deceased person, it is best to not attend the funeral than pretending to empathize with the family when you really are not.

Giving Flowers to the Family
Sending flowers is a very thoughtful and affectionate gesture to the family. However, you should also consider the family's religious beliefs, customs and other personal ideals to avoid insulting anyone. The flowers can be delivered to the church or where the funeral takes place. With a flower arrangement, you can also put a short message written on a card. Funeral cards are readily available in shops that you can simply purchase.

Dressing Up Properly
Every religion and culture has its set of rules when it comes to clothes. People used to wear black during Christian or Catholic funerals, which is not typical anymore these modern times. Simple and comfortable outfits can definitely be worn. Wearing bright colored dresses is a big no-no. Asking everyone to wear white is very common nowadays.

Ways to Send your Condolences To Family
In these modern times, technology has given people with several ways of making all the transactions easier. Even if you are out of town or away from a friend that has lost a loved one, a call can be made in an instant, expressing your deepest sympathy and assuring your prayers are with them all. Some website do offer printable funeral cards that you can easily print out and attach to a flower arrangement to be delivered in a particular funeral home for your friend.

Want to find out more about Funeral Cards, then visit Jitske Memoli's site on how to create a memolio album in a matter of minutes as one of the good ways to make Memorial Cards.


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