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Funeral Register Books and Stationery Packaging

By Matt Frazer

Today, many funeral homes have some sort of funeral stationery package that they offer their client families. The most common funeral stationery package consists of one register book, one hundred memorial folders, fifty thank you cards, and four keepsake bookmarks. Some funeral homes decide to also package in other items such as a tribute video or funeral candle as an additional keepsake for the family.

The first thing we need to look at is how do we offer funeral stationery packages to the family? One of the biggest funeral stationery companies in the profession (I won't name names) thinks the best way to package and sell is by the good, better, best scenario.

What this means, is that you will create three levels of stationery packages and display those packages on the wall in accordance to those levels. Typically, the only thing that is different in the three levels is the quality of the register book. For example, one might have three books in the "good" package, three books in the "better" package, and three books in the "best" package. In theory, 90% of your families will pick out the "better" package. The only reason you have the "best" package, is to help move the family up one level from the lowest package to the "better" package. Sounds good, right? Not exactly, let me explain...

In a normal retail environment this "scheme" is used daily. Most of the time, it works like a charm. However, in the funeral profession, I'd say stay away from it. Not only stay away from it, but I'd run from it as fast you can. I think the goal of the funeral home is to try and simplify the arrangement process, not make it more confusing and cumbersome. By offering a good, better, best selection, you are no doubt making things more confusing. You are having the family make one more price decision where it isn't necessary.

Let's look at the real reason why a funeral stationery company might want to sell the funeral home on a good, better, best solution. The reason why, is because then the funeral stationery supplier can justify selling you the higher end funeral register book at a very high cost. For example, the low end book might cost you $15, the middle book $30, and the high end book $60. Imagine if that salesman can talk all his clients into buying the $60 book 10% of the time. Huge margins for him / her, while in return the funeral home suffers.

So in the end, what does a good, better, best funeral stationery package offer your funeral home? Nothing, just the opposite, it brings in another pricing decision for your families, it creates more unnecessary choices, and it confuses everyone.

Offer simplified funeral register book and stationery packages:

If 90% of your families are choosing the middle package to begin with, why not offer simplified pricing? Put three to five books on the wall and tell your family to pick which one they want. Tell them each book cost the same, it doesn't matter which one you pick.

Where does the real value come from in a funeral register book?

Do you think the value of the book really has anything to do with the "outside cover?" The answer to that is, no. If you want to add real value to the book, look at how you create the inside of the book. Start adding more of the life story by adding more photos, family history, favorite recipes, etc. Start theming the register book to the loved ones favorite interest, hobby, occupation, or religious background. Do all those things and families will not only find more value, but they will buy additional books from you.

Choose Frazer Consultants for the most cutting edge funeral technology, their new Tribute Center will make producing the most personalized funeral register books and stationery easier then you have ever imagined. Don't believe me? Check out this training video.

To take your funeral home to the next level with funeral register books and stationery, look no further than the leading funeral personalization and technology provider in the funeral industry, Frazer Consultants. Join the revolution, surpass your competitors, and impress your families by creating lasting memories that will never be forgotten.


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