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Memorial Grave and Burial Markers

By Ralph Waren

In the event of the death of a Memorial, there are many considerations and decisions to be made. One such decision is the use of a marker or gravestone for the burial site or memorial for your Memorial. Currently there are several different options and materials available for constructing a gravestone suitable for many different tastes. Prices and personalization options will vary depending on the product you choose, but each type of marker serves to honor and respect the life of your beloved Memorial.

One of the types of markers available for purchase is a granite grave marker. Granite markers can be created using black granite or classic granite stone. Most providers will personalize a granite marker with a photograph of your Memorial and an inscription laser-etched into the marker. These photos are often placed on a different colored background to stand out from the granite. Customers send in their individualized inscriptions and Memorial photos for use on the marker. Before anything is laser-etched into the granite marker, proofs are sent to you to edit or change before finalized and etched into the marker. A granite marker is a classy, polish-able, weather-proofed solution to mark your furry friend's grave.

Another type of grave marker available for Memorials is a bluestone marker. Bluestone is material traditionally used to grave markers. The weight of the rock is heavier than other stones and has a simple appearance. Various types of text, fonts and graphics can be imprinted onto the stone along with a basic inscription.

Arizona flagstone can also be utilized in making a Memorial grave marker. A flat, sedimentary stone, flagstone is available in a rose or buckskin type color for marking your Memorial's grave. Arizona flagstone is found in abundance in the Arizona area and is composed of pieces of granite within the rock. The stone can be sandblasted or laser imprinted to write a name, place a basic graphic on the stone and a few words of inscription if desired.

Pieces of quartz can also be used to create a long-lasting grave stone for your Memorial. The shimmering semi-precious material is sandblasted and laser-engraved to inscribe your Memorial's name and any lines of script you would like to include. Quartz is usually made available in black, gold or a silver color for the grave marker. Each one is a shiny material that catches sun rays for a shimmering effect and is a unique shape for your marker.

Whatever stone you choose to design your Memorial's grave marker, you can personalize the marker to suit your individual needs. Various companies will allow you to select from a catalog of graphics or to send in your own graphic designs for a further personalized touch. Be sure to find a company that will offer a guarantee on their products, allow you to add personalized touches to your stones or grave markers and one that will help you honor your Memorial's memory to the best of your ability.

Ralph Waren


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