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A Funeral Poem For A Grieving Heart

By Carole Galassi

Reading a funeral poem is a good idea when suffering a loss recently. It provides words that you may not be able to express on your own. Often reading will bring soothing feelings of calmness. Sometimes, its better than drinking a glass of wine or even taking medication! But remember, it depends on you and what you need emotionally. Even if you are taking or drinking that, you can still read a poem to renew your mind that there is hope after a death. Never give up hope, you can also join a support group. At some of these groups, you will get a whole list of poems to read. There will also be other families and individuals who are in a similar emotional state as you. You could even find friendships there as you learn to share with others that walk on the same journey as your in now.

When a family is in a bereavement state from losing a loved one, its customary to view and read bereavement poems or also called in loving memory poems. These are poetry that helps people with the grieving process and can lift their spirits to a happier place. Psychologist use them often to assist in the therapy of those who are mourning. It can be very therapeutic and soothing to hear the rhythmic words of a poem. You can purchase books on specific types of poetry or you can comb the web for them. It's harder to search online because you have to filter out many other types of poetry and it may take you hours or days to get it done. Whereas a book contains all of the preselected ones that will provide comfort immediately. So although you have to pay for it, its an instant read and there is no work on your part by to immerse yourself in the book.

Memorial poems are a favorite for families to include. There are many to choose from at that website and is presented in an orderly format. There are brochures, graduated fold programs, funeral cards, prayer cards, memorial guest books, funeral bookmarks and large tabloid style booklets. Creating them on your own is simple and will give you some self satisfaction. Remember you can provide a reading with poems, scripture, and other written documents that would be appropriate for a funeral or memorial service. It's not as difficult as it may appear.

The Funeral Program Site has a wonderful selection of free funeral poems and funeral resources. There is also a beautiful selection of templates for funeral programs, funeral prayer cards, thank you cards, memorial bookmarks, funeral songs and booklets.


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