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How to Cope With the Death of a Granite

By Karina Pinto

There are no words that can explain the feeling is to lose a child. A mother who has accompanied her children to school each morning, he has taught table manners, which has given him his first rattles and read stories every night until he falls asleep, has a unique connection with her son that nothing and no one can remove. So how can a mother get over the death of a child?

Not only feel sorrow for the loss of our son, but also the loss of our dreams and hopes for the future. Our worst fears have been realized. We have failed in the sacred duty to protect our son and it seems as if life is not worth living. You are living a nightmare that no one should have to pass. pain is the price you must pay for love.

The first feeling that the mother usually lives is that of shock. You will not believe, at the beginning and the death of his son still young, he will never knock at the door upon arrival from school or work, or would never sit at the table for dinner with the family.

We do not believe what has happened will last indefinitely, it will be longer or shorter depending on the mother. Sooner or later come to absorb the news, as is the case of the funeral. Probably this stage will take longer to arrive, but eventually return to the life we lived before.

The key to overcoming the death of a loved one is to vent. Instead of stopping the tears let us express ourselves, thinking we will not suffer this way is therefore preferable to let all our feelings to express who we are and what we feel. In this way the day will come soon in which the mother can smile again.

Some say that suffering never goes, but we learn to live with him. However, the pain comes to an end, and think that we will never recover only prolong this period. When we remember our son without that memory hurts us, we know we are healed. But that day actually came, so many memories go without guilt, without the pain that takes your breath away.

Express Yourself. You can take advantage of today's technologies, which allow you to interact with people who do not know yet that we can read daily. In a blog every day you can tell how you feel and how you'll feel a little better every day, and your readers, who probably also are mothers who are going through the same as you, or even have already gone through this stage and able to advise, demonstrate that you're not alone.


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