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Making Funeral Poems Part of a Memorial Service
By Thomas Alan Lampsen

Paying tribute to a loved one is an important part of a funeral or memorial service. Moreover, sharing our memorable thoughts is an important part of the grieving process. It is never easy to lose someone to death--whether expected or suddenly--but, personal expression often comforts the family, and the presenter. Funeral poems can play a key role in the process.

When presenting poetry at a funeral or memorial service, appropriateness is important. One must consider those affected most by the loss, and ensure the words would properly characterize the beloved. Poetry is generally, in addition to the Eulogy, obituary and other standard formalities of a funeral ceremony. Poetry is appropriate to read at any point in the funeral. It adds an element to the service that sets a tone. Poetry offers uplifting thoughts and can leave people with hope.

There are several options available when looking for poetry to recite at a funeral service. An individual may write their own poem; still others will choose from the more commonly used poems for this purpose. Because of the range of emotions involved in bereavement and loss, pre-written poetry is often the choice of individuals.

Aside from emotions, familiar poetry rings true to people as something identifiable. After losing someone dear, for a brief period of time, identifiable lines of personal lives can seem distorted or non-existent. When bringing recognized words to the bereaved, they are often able to identify clear delineations and perspective.

Sometimes people place the writings in the casket as an act symbolizing "letting go". Yet other times, the poem is presented to a partner, or other members of the family as a memorial.

Thomas Alan Lampsen maintains Funeral Poems and Eulogies, where you can find wonderful funeral poems and more assistance.

You can find the right words. Visit Thomas' website for free funeral poems and resources to help you create a perfect memorial.


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