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Dealing With Death And Dying
By Lesley Williams

Dealing with Death and Dying The basis for my writing:For many years I worked with the terminally ill and their families, my role was I suppose you could say, paving the way for peace to enter the lives of all concerned. Some clients would comment that they found after I left they would have a peace, a deep peace within that allowed and supported them in their journey. Others said when I visited and put my hands upon the place of their illness the pain would vanish; one dear friend also remarked that he did not need Morphine for 18 hours after my visit.

To me I felt humbled that I could bring such peace to someone in such pain, and just to put your mind to rest, I did not charge for this service. Some people would call me a healer, others a spiritual helper, others well I must admit over the years I was called everything from a witch to a blessing. But all my clients were thankful and helped by my work. Working as a healer has a great deal of responsibility attached, the point of working with someone is working unconditionally in order to assist the clients greater good. The difficult thing for some people to understand is that living is not always the point of the journey, some people come into my life seeking help more to come to peace with what has been their lives, to settle old regrets and to heal the relationships between themselves and their loved ones.

Many healers have a good intent yet interfere with their clients by focusing their energy towards a physical healing of the individual in need. Physical healing is only one small part of the big picture. Energy sent must always be in the way that the person in need can transmute that love energy and use it whatever way they require, regardless to weather it is used on a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual plane, ultimately their soul their spirit knows what is needed to clear as much karma as possible before the transition.

I have a strong belief in the afterlife; I suppose that comes from having the personal experience of a near death at the age of 26 years. I also experience every day people who have passed over, people who contact their loved ones through me; life is more than the energy locked to this physical body, it is far more and far more enduring and far more than even I can put into words. It is a wonderful thing to see people who were at war with life, completely let go of their hatreds, prejudices and regrets before passing over.

It is a wonderful thing to see the fear of death leave, and the knowing that all is going to be alright moved in to take its place. How do I accomplish this? Well not by magic, not by any mythical way, I simply do not have the emotional chaos in relation to death and dying inside of me, and due to the fact I am calm and peaceful, this allows the clients energy to entrain to mine. (Entrainment ~ is when you hold a baby and its heart beat becomes the same pattern as yours, its when two people breathe in rhythm, think aligned, feel the same. Like when women live in the same household they both will menstruate at the same time of the month ~ these are all examples of entrainment.) I have cleared much of my own stuff ~ so to speak, and due to that and the skills I have I am able to see clearly what needs to be addressed and then support the client to do this without any pain or suffering.

My love of people, and compassion is the vehicle that the energy flows through, my unconditional love, no judgement, no evaluation of a life or a personality, just being able to allow Gods energy to pass through me to that person in need. People don't need to believe in anything for healing to help ~ its not necessarily about belief, it's not necessarily about anything, it just works. I believe we all can do this, the problem is that often when someone is dying, those around that person are too caught up in the emotions of their own grief and loss, to be able to help and be a rock for the person in need to grab hold of. You may think from what I have said that I may never have lost anyone close to me, but that is not true, at the age of 27, I nursed my Father through cancer until 3 days before his death, and at 46 I nursed my mothering between that I worked with my dearest friend to help bring her baby boy into the world and then became her constant source of strength in the weeks that followed until she died, JJ was 4 months old at the time. Being able to be there for someone only requires one thing that you care enough to put your own feelings aside to be there for them. That is all that matters, keeping them feeling they are not alone, keeping them focused on feeling safe, reassuring them you are there, and listening to them when they want to talk.

We all want our loved ones to stay around, to be with us, yet I know they never really go anywhere, they just change form. Death is like entering a doorway to another room, where the energy just vibrates at a different frequency to the physical world. That is all, its just a journey, one which takes us to a space where we can see the truth, about all things, a place where we can be with those who have passed before us, and those who wait for us when it is our time. The only thing that prevents the souls of people passing on to the light, to where the frequency is full of love and friends and peace, is fear ~ those who have a heavy conscience one full of fear and regret sometimes become what is called earthbound souls, or more commonly known as Ghosts, these spirits often don't know they have passed over and exist by depleting or sucking energy from living people. They stay trapped, lost and searching until someone comes along who can help open that door for them to pass over to the lighter energy plane.

I will write more on this subject soon, so stay tuned. Much Love and blessings TRUITY Lesley Williams.


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