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Memorial Headstones - Ensuring You Get the Personal Touch
By Thom Sanders

It's never too early to think about dying. Planning what you would like to happen for your funeral and what you would like to be done with your body is worth giving a few minutes consideration to and making sure your nearest and dearest know about it, otherwise the worst could happen and they'd have no idea what you wanted. Remember, death potentially waits around every corner. Whilst it's unlikely that you'll be involved in an accident on the way home from work today, you could be, and the worst could happen.

You needn't plan out the entire thing in intimate detail, of course, just thinking about any songs you'd like played, potential themes for the funeral and people you'd like to be there will be a great help for those who are left to organise it after you've gone. Deciding whether you'd like to be buried, cremated or have something else done to your body is also a good idea as it's one of the most important decisions you can make with regards to your posthumous existence.

If you're going to have a memorial headstone then you should also spend some time working out what you want written on it, what style of headstone you want and whether you would like any themes or motifs to be Granite. Actually having your headstone made isn't normally a good idea as you may change your mind a few months or years down the line, but giving somebody close to you the details of what material you'd like, what style of headstone you want and whether you want any particular quotes or witticisms written on it is a good idea. This way, you can ensure that the headstone reflects who you were in the time immediately before you were taken.

There are plenty of things you can choose to have written on your headstone. It could be a passage from one of your favourite books, poems, plays, songs or other piece of writing, or a quote from a historical or important figure. You could even have a sentence or two that you have put together which you feel sums up who you are and what your message to the world was. Whatever you choose it should be personal to you.

Giving people close to you information like this not only helps them know what to do when you're gone but gives you peace of mind too, knowing that when you do die everything will be in order.


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