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How You Choose Different Headstone Features
By Tom Tree

When it comes to different headstone features you would be surprised how many choices you have. There are a wide variety of choices of the stone that you can use to have this headstone created. But some may seem like a great choice, they may have some lack of benefits you were not aware of.

Knowing a bit about the different options and what is good and bad will lead you to the right choice for a headstone. Though you will still need to decide these tips can help with that decision in making a lasting remembrance for your loved one. Slate has been a very popular choice of many for years. This stone is one that is very easy to engrave, but it is also one of the softest choices.

Through the years slate will be a material that will flake and chip off. While with that being said many would switch to the choice of the harder rock marble. Seems like a great choice, but really it isn't that much more durable than slate is. It does create a very beautiful headstone, but through time the words may become eroded and hard to read.

The next choice you would possible look into would be granite. It is a choice that during the 1940s would gain popularity. Though it will stand up through weather and time very well, it is something that takes a lot to make. Causing a quarry to strain to get enough rock to create is one of the downfalls of this choice.

Though you do have many choices of colors and it will be a great choice for durability. Many who are thinking of the environment have gone away from this as a choice of the headstone option they want to use.

While a more popular choice is that of composite plant material. A headstone that will be created and is friendly to the environment, it has become quite popular. With this choice you get a very durable option, plus many colors to choose from too.

Another option that you have that will offer great durability and looks that can be created in many forms, is bronze. It is a very popular option for simple to very beautiful headstones that have been made.

Do the best to your beloved person one more time. Buying a gravestone will soothe your pain and sorrow. Tom Tree's great articles will help you to pass through your most difficult time. Here is his monument website.


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