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Cremation Urns - Preserving the Memory of Your Loved One Forever
By Rajesh T

There are a wide number of funeral urn makers today to respond to the growing number of people who opt for cremating their departed family. Consequently, cremation urns now come in all forms and sizes. Choosing a funeral urn has now been more difficult. However, with this, you are given much more comfort knowing that you have provided only the best to keep the memory of your loved one alive.
Funeral urns are usually made of marble, wood, cloisonné, glass, porcelain, pewter, ceramic, Stone, brass, or copper.

There are a wide number of options to choose from. Here are the most popular types of cremation urns today:

Keepsake Urns

Keepsake urns are smaller versions of cremation urns which are made for sharing the cremated ashes among family members. Keepsake urns respond to a wide number of needs. This type of urn has been proven to solve the most common problems that come up when families decide on where to store the loved one's ashes. The complexity of wanting to keep at least a portion of the ashes results to a very common dilemma in big families.

Family members, most especially the ones close to the loved one who passed away, would like to have the ashes with them, or take them to a separate location which they deem reasonable. These ideas may be unacceptable to another family member, leading to conflict.

It is also useful in cases when the family wishes to place the main urn in a cemetery as part of the tradition or to scatter the ashes, while other members would like to take a portion home. Much like their bigger counterparts, keepsake urns are made of different materials and come in all shapes and artistic designs.

Companion Urn

Companion urns have been designed for couples who want to honor the pledge they made to be with each other forever. Companion urns are usually designed such that there are two compartments (or a large single one) to place the cremated remains of a couple, either separately or together.

Companion urns allow the love of two people who shared each other's lives to continue even after death. It allows them to remain literally together forever through many generations after them.

Design or Memorial Urn

Design urns or Memorial urns obviously have a smaller capacity. Today, Design and Memorial urns come in traditional designs or with Memorial themes. They come in different colors and can be personalized with the child's name, date, special message or even pictures.

Picture Urn

Picture urns are those which have the images of the departed loved one on the surface of the urn. They look much like photo frames, only that they contain the remains of your loved one as well. Many pet owners also use picture urns to store their beloved pet's remains. On the other hand, it possible to engrave the image of your loved one on regular cremation urns, and proves to be a good alternative for a picture urn.

Veteran Urn

If you want to memorialize your loved one who has provided good service in protecting the country in the military, there is no better way to do it than veteran urns. A veteran urn is an everlasting tribute to uphold the passion of your departed to protect the interests of the country, and this memory will live on from generation to generation in the decades and centuries to come. They are made of different materials and are usually decorated to be in line with patriotic and military themes of
liberty, freedom and courage.

Despite all the difficulties you go through when a loved one dies, it is still important to choose the best cremation urn or pet cremation jewelry to contain the ashes. The cremation urns will hold the memory of your loved one forever. We at Everlasting Memories Inc. are here to help you make the right choice.


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