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Characteristics of Granite - Why Do People Use Granite?
By Erika Ayala

Granite symbolizes strength, durability and elegance. Contrary to popular belief, granite is not only used in industrial construction, but it is also an option for homeowners. As time progresses, more and more uses for granite has been discovered. Apart from using it on floors and countertops, like what is done today, it has other purposes. It can be used at parks for benches and at the same time, window sills and fireplaces.

Granite is actually obtained from the crust of the earth. It is a type of igneous rock which has been crystallized in time. It sparkles and is elegant in appearance because of the minerals which comprise it. Most of the time, this stone is found in continents such as Europe and Asia. It is also a product which popular in the exporting world. Because of its functionality and convenience, many people use this.

Here are some of the reasons why people choose to utilize granite.

Density - the composition of granite is one of the main reasons. Because of its dense property, external elements, such as water, find it difficult to break damage the stone. That is why this stone is long lasting.
Heat Resistant - granite is often used in kitchens and fireplaces because it can resist heat because of its composition.
Strength - It is a very hard material. It can withstand heavy objects such as furniture and household appliances. Because of this, the stone can lasts for years without so much maintenance.
Easy to clean - This is a plus for homeowners. Apart from other materials, granite can be cleaned easy through wiping.
Elegance - Who can forget the aesthetic qualities of granite? Because of its appearance, it has been a choice for many people.

All in all, granite is a very useful material. Although it may seem a bit pricey, it can save people thousands of money annually. So, if you choose to have this stone in your countertops or other furniture, it is a guarantee that you will greatly benefit from it.

Looking for the best type of granite to use in your home? Check out this article on Uba Tuba Granite and see why this natural stone is worth it.


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